No two solar power systems are created equal. Even minor differences in performance can have a dramatic effect on the return on your investment over the typical 40 year life expectancy of a solar power system. We don't just sell solar systems, we'll provide you with the tools and tips that you'll need  to make an educated decision about which products are right for your specific application.
There are always multiple paths to the same goal. Many paths are filled with mistakes and obstacles that will hinder your ability for success. We'll use our 11 years of experience in the solar power industry to guide you through the path that will provide you with the least resistance to your goal of energy independence and we will make sure that that goal is a long lived, rewarding experience.
Unlike the hundreds of startup solar power companies that have recently entered the market we will never send a high pressure sales person to your home. We can deliver an accurate quote right to your computer. At Power Solar there's no selling involved, we believe that once you understand the difference between our products and the competition's offerings that our products will simply sell themselves.
03.24.2010 Solar Power Bulk Buy Program Begins
Power Solar begins its new community bulk purchase program which offers aggressive pricing and in-depth education to neighborhood based aggregate purchases.

03.19.2010 New Solar Dealer Program Announced
Power Solar launches its new enhanced Fast Track solar power dealer program which offers accelerated training as well as a quick and easy way to establish a new dealer's presence on the Internet.

02.22.2010 New Inverter Series Announced
Power Solar to incorporate the new PVP Powered enhanced grid tie inverter series into its grid intertie system lineup. PV Powered high efficiency inverters now come with integrated DC and AC disconnects which enhances its inverter's reliability and performance.


Residential Solar Power
We guaranty to beat any nationally advertised price on our same top of the line, grid tie solar power systems or your system is free. And when it comes to your installing your solar power system, we can help you save lots of green by referring you over to several contractors who can provide you with extremely competitive quotes.   

We sell only the finest solar power brands available such as Sharp Solar, Suntech Solar, Mitsubishi Solar, Sanyo Solar, SMA America, PV Powered and Unirac SolarMount. Our solar power kits have been installed and are operating all over the US and Canada. The founder of Power Solar has over twenty six years of hands on experience in the electronics industry and more than eleven years of concentrated experience in the solar power industry. We own and operate one of America's largest, most experienced, factory trained and authorized solar power repair centers and we maintain a well stocked showroom and warehouse in Southern California and Southern Oregon which serves not only Northern and Southern California but every other state in the nation.